Re: pulley lift-do it!

Posted by Patrick Gillon on Sep 23, 2004

A few years ago I bought a Harken pulley kit for my Annapolis Wherry. I think it cost about $100+ but it was well worth the expense. I imagine you can pull together a system on your own for a lot less, but the Harken system is extremely slick. Not only can I park my car in the garage AND keep the wherry in there, but I can raise and lower it right onto the racks. Ok, that sounds obvious but it's so cool. My garage is kind of like the Bat Cave for boats.

Well, I'm off to dodge our 4th hurricane of the year. I hope my boats survive. Not to mention the rest of my stuff!

In Response to: pulley lift-do it! by dave stanley on Sep 23, 2004