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Posted by Dave Houser on Sep 23, 2004


I lowered the rear of the coaming on my standard Ches 17 a full 3 1/2” by installing the rolling recess. I’m 185 pounds and still have plenty of freeboard. Another inch I would welcome. Even with 4” clear between my back and the coaming to help laying back (I enlarged my cockpit opening to 33” long) an extra vertical inch would help. The recess surface at the rear coaming is 8“ above the inside of the keel. Morris in his SOF book says the rear deck should be one fistmele, fist with extended thumb, above the keel stringer. Morris’ stringer is 1” high and my fistmele is 6 1/2“ so that is 7 1/2”, I’m in the ballpark and the Ches 17 is large in volume along its full length so it floats high. That extra inch would sure make a sculling brace a lot easier.

If you have not received my email with the pictures let me know and I’ll resend. If I only had a working website.


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