Re: Fiberglass this Weeke

Posted by Terry Mcadams on Sep 23, 2004

Ditto what Mark said about the voids. Try to fill and fair them all now, They're a LOT more work to correct later. What I usually do is get the boat absolutely ready to glass, then not glass it that day. Why? well, being lazy, but probably not all that much lazier than the typical homo sapien, I always find a few more voids to fill the next time I look at the boat. These can be quickly dealt with with fast cure epoxy/microballoons or faring compound (use very small batches) if you're painting, or careful use of fast cure and wood flour/cabosil, if you're varnishing. These patches will cure enough in a hour or two to glass over.

Also, on the first fill coat, try to go over it carefully maybe 30 minutes after you apply the epoxy, searching carefuly for voids. You may still have time to force some more epoxy in the void with a squeegee.

Lastly, lock up your cat, long-tailed dog and even your children, if you have any.


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