Re: Fiberglass this Weeke

Posted by Mark Camp on Sep 23, 2004

Elsewhere I mentioned

1. completely fill in all joint gaps before glassing

Here is more detail on that.

The epoxy from the first coat (the wetting coat) had almost NO tendency at all to fill in the places where there was a little gap between ply panels. Wherever there was a gap, there formed a bridge of "white glass", often porous, over an air-filled gap. The gap was just as big and empty as before glassing. By the way, the bridge may be porous, but never porous enough to skootch epoxy into and fill the gap.

Remedy: I am sanding off these bridges, filling the gap with thickened schmookydutz, fairing in, and maybe I will re-glass all of them or maybe most of them. The chine edge will take much abuse, and I also am not too keen on it being the weak place structurally.

I think some folks use a syringe to inject epoxy, and that would probably be better but I have not had much luck with it.

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