Re: Keepers vs Yakima

Posted by LeeG on Sep 22, 2004

Some folks have a problem with Keepers popping off when getting maytagged. If you are pushing against footpegs in order to jam your back into the back band because the rest of the outfitting is loose then you're wasting energy,,look at racing kayaks,,no backbands as all the energy is forward. If you're jaming your feet too much against the footbraces learning to roll then the outfitting or your technique isn't good. My experience has been iffy. One 12yr old kayak has never had the braces pop off,,one s&g design had them pop-off. The old boat has excellent seat/hip/thigh outfitting. The primary advantage to Keepers is that they are easy to adjust when sand/grit are in the kayak. Yakimas are bombproof,,will not pop off or out of position as long as the ratchet is in the slot. They can be very hard to impossible to adjust with sand/grit jamming the slider.

In Response to: Keepers vs Yakima by Mac on Sep 22, 2004