Terry McAdams: MC 16.5

Posted by Adam Bolonsky on Sep 22, 2004

Hi Terry, thanks for the insights on the MC. I'm not a canoeist, never have been, and probably won't be, as the ocean here is so close.

Have you got any pictures of your MC 16 underway? I can see the size of the cockpit in the CLC pictures, but only somewhat.

Wind and mild chop is always a possibility here in the fall on the east coast, when I do most of my guiding. And swell is ever persistent. It's usually easy to run and duck for cover from changing conditions around here, but landing in a shallow area to bail is not really an option. So the traditional canoe techniques (I guess) won't work. A couple of traditional clorox bailers though: hadn't thought of that.

Anyhow, were you to flip the MC where you can't get to shallow water....how would you cope? A paddle float?

Any insights helpful.