Re: avoiding visible dama

Posted by LeeG on Sep 21, 2004

don't let water sit in it for long (days) especially if it's on it's side or upside down,with hatches on, in the sun. Most of the time beginners will naturally allow a lot of epoxy settle into the bottom of the interior,,except for those who only put on one sealing coat,,so it's pretty resistant to puddled water but the various areas around the sheerclamps,deckbeams,and under deck reinforcements get a variable sealing job. If a person forgets to seal under deck ply reinforcements then it'll soak up free water and find a way to release it later on when the hatches are closed and the kayak is steaming in the hot sun, that's when you might find "black ick" in specific spots where panels had a thin sealing coat or carlins/deck beams butted up to a side panels/sheerclamps. My experience has been that pooled water on the sides or under deck, especially with closed hatches,,will allow waterstaining "black ick" to develop.

In Response to: avoiding visible damage by Mischa on Sep 20, 2004