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Posted by Mac on Sep 21, 2004


You'll find that as your approach the winter season, you will begin to have more and more "accidents" with your wooden kayak. This tells you two things:

- you are adicted to epoxy, sanding and varnish.

- you don't have enough cash to buy a new kit.

I speak from experience - as I ckeck over my inventory of rollers, brushes, syringes, sand paper etc, my hands start to tremble, breathing becomes quicker, heartbeat thready, and I begin to imagine myself trying those Force 2 rapids - just once.

Three months ago, as I carried my baby to the lake in my arms, I cursed every leaf I brushed against. Now? I think Kurt Maurer says it best - BWAAAHAAAHAAAHAAA!

My family is joining a support group, and is threatening an intervention....

If we could keep them "perfect" we'd never build again. The next one will be more "perfect" - and indestructible. It's man's nature. And I, for one, don't mess with nature.

Enjoy your creation - take plenty of pictures of her now to show that you really did build a beauty, and then go have fun!

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