Re: avoiding visible dama

Posted by Howard on Sep 20, 2004

expect to get small nicks and scratches...and don't robert said, just look her over carefully after each paddle and ensure that you quicly address anything that cuts into the wood before your next paddle and do a bit of spring cleaning each off season to bring her back into shape...that being said, having roamed this forum for the last five years i offer you my top 10 things you should do to avoid visible damage...

10)keep your little nephew with the permanent marker at least 10 yards from your boat at all times.

9) after putting your boat on the car rack..remember to actually secure it before putting your vehicle into drive...

8) keep your boat a safe distance from that campfire...

7) avoid letting one of your heavier-set friends try to emulate the clc picture of people standing on a cambered deck to demonstrate its strength

6) remember to remove the sandwiches and melons from the storage compartment before putting the boat away for a long summer's spell.

5) when that motor-boat disrespects you, avoid the urge to get even by yelling "ramming speed!" as you try to impale him on that pencil tipped bow of your new kayak.

4) get the yak completely out of the garage before allowing your spouse to hit that garage door opener button.

3) don't carry the boat around the corner of a brick house without the guy handling the stern having some experience in driving the rear end of a fire-truck

2) avoid paddling in the shipping lanes in the dark

1) when the sign on the river you are paddling on says waterfall ahead....well you figure out the rest.

good luck...


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