Re: Varnishing & painting

Posted by Terry Mcadams on Sep 20, 2004

Another old topic that keeps resurfacing.

I like to use 3M Fineline tape to get a nice clean paint edge. So I Fineline off the sanded deck and paint the hull first. Why? Fineline can lift paint and varnish on occassion, particularly if the finish is still soft (first week) or if it's left on over night or in sunlight. So after 3 or whatever coats of paint, I lift off the fineline and use a NEW, CLEAN roll of the 3M blue paper slow release tape to mask off the painted edge. Then I roll this edge down nice and hard with a wall paper roller and then varnish the deck.

I've never had the blue tape lift paint, even after several days in hot weather, and I get a clean edge between paint/varnish that looks fine to me.


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