Re: Weave fill

Posted by John DeLaurier on Sep 20, 2004


Are you sure that you hit the weave? If you were using 150 grit, and being careful (sounds like you were), than it might not be the weave. Sometimes as a result of outgassing and surface imperfections you might develop surface bubbles, and when you knock these off by sanding they leave small white dots. Sort of like a boatbuilder's zit. Do you have a picture of the problem? Are they minor, 1/16" of less?

There are some very experienced builders on the forum. I'm not one of them, just learning as I'm going.

BTW, you might want to go previous msgs, and key on "Charlie Tuna." He experienced the same thing, and the responses might be helpful to you.

Take care, and I hear you about trying to beat the weather. I'm sanding a MC13, and live in Northern MN.



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