Weave fill

Posted by Chris F on Sep 20, 2004

Oops. I failed to completely fill my weave. At least that is my impression. I checked out the CLC help on this section back when I was originally doing this. I sanded a test area and sure enough it behaved just like they said it would. Unfortunatley that was not the case for the whole boat.

The deck weave is thin and I have sanded it with 150. There are lots of little white dots. That doesn't go well with varnish. I have washed the deck with water and paper towels. I will continue tonight and probably vacuum it and use a pick, etc to get rid of the stinkin' dots. Then add more epoxy to fill. Then re-sand.

My question: does this sound like a sound strategy? It may take quite a while to get it free of dots and with the rapidly approaching fall I'll lose my 60 degree temp minimum in a few weeks. I want to make sure I'm proceeding correctly. Any thoughts?