Re: installing a rudder

Posted by Terry Mcadams on Sep 20, 2004


What Dick says about adding a piece of wood between the side panels of your kayak is something I now do on all my boats. The CH 14 is built like this (but for different reasons). The wood, cut in a narrow triangle tapering from about 1" at deck level down to a point as it approaches the keel, also gives the boat a more attractive stern, (personal taste speaking here, not empirical research). If you don't want to go this route (i.e., you don't like the option, or you've already glued up your stern), you may want to add a few layers of fiberglass tape or cloth along the inside of the stern panels before you do your end pour. Either approach should minimize, but not eliminate, the likelihood of the rudder pin damaging the stern.

This being said, rudders are fragile, and can be damaged in a variety of ways. But I like having them in all but the smallest kayaks I've built. I have a real bad back and they make paddling in adverse conditions like cross and head winds a hell of a lot easier/safer. Some folks will argue against them, and, if you're really adept at kayak handling and have strong trunk, hip, back and leg, muscles, they are probably right.


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