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Posted by Gavin H on Sep 20, 2004

I made my front bulkhead with a radius of 16", and made the main and forward deckbeams with an outside radius of approx. 16".

I'm also concurrently making a ch16, so I used the same mould for the deck beams.

The installation on the ch16 of the deck beams(I put a forward deckbeam in)went fine. Placed a straight edge from the forward deckbeam to the main deck beam, and it cleared the bulkhead by less than 1/4". Taped the deck ply on temperarily, to mark out the deck, and everything looked ok.

Come to the ch17, that's another story...

Installed the forward deck beam: no problems. Come to install the main deckbeam the following day, and things didn't look right... After placing a straight edge across the deckbeam, it cleared the bulkhead by about 1"(or more??)

Fortunately I hadn't glued the main deckbeam in place. After re-measuring of the kayak, and some Autocad trickery(to calculate the radius), my new deckbeam will have an outside radius of 19.6" (gotta love the decimal)or plane old 19"1/2

Don't know if anyone else has had this problem, but that was my solution. For me, if it looks like a boat, it must be a boat!


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