Re: Hull strenght

Posted by C. fronzek on Sep 19, 2004

Christian, Most S&G paddleboats are entirely encapsulated with epoxy so that they can tolerate periods of immersion without damage. Your boat's ability to survive being wet depends on how well you prepared it. The basic self-rescue that every kayaker should be familiar with is called the wet re-entry. It involves rigging your paddle with a paddle float and using it as a temporary outrigger so that you can climb back in. When you're paddling your paddle float and bilge pump should strapped to your deck so you can get to them in case of a capsize. The self-rescue technique should be learned and practiced occasionally so that you are able to remount after a capsize. You won't know how sturdy your deck is until you've learned self-rescue and have tried it with your boat. Good luck. Charlie

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