Re: Bulkhead radius

Posted by LeeG on Sep 18, 2004

Here's the fun part,,it varies,er, doesn't matter too much.

From day one the deck beams were built on a 15'radius mold, for a 1" thick deck beam and a range of spring back that was roughly a 17" radius deck beam to the outside dimension. The bulkhead was cut to a 16" radius. So everyone putting the deckbeam to the bulkhead would say "it doesn't match!". No it didn't. But the bent deck didn't have a constant bend either. The radius of the deck tended to vary from the deck beam to the bulkhead to the tip of the bow. I'm not sure of the rational for the tighter radius on the bulkhead but it could have been anything from the tendency to tighten up the deck at the middle with straps or some other reason. My experience has been that the deck could fit perfectly, touch slightly at the top of the bulkhead or have a 1/4" gap requiring filling. In other words the bulkhead doesn't have to be that precise of a radius compared to the deck beam as the variations in how the deck is nailed on exceed any precise matching with the deck beam. I'm guessing the production deck beams now match the bulkheads but I'm not sure.

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