Re: wiring together MC 13

Posted by Steve Miller on Sep 18, 2004

Once the bilge panels are on the bottom the sheer panels should line up pretty much right on and not "shift" at all. Wire them on, working 4 or 5 wires a side, alternating sides. Do it snug enough (but not fully wire busting tight) so the panels stay aligned.

After the first few feet they should hold their position. When its all together then adjust for final shape with your bulkheads and spreader stick. Its ok to tweek as you go. If the panels shift its likely you are not getting them tight enough at the start.

Here is my site for the MC 13. There is also a link to Kurts MC 13 site. There may be some info to help you on one of them.

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In Response to: wiring together MC 13 by Geoff McHarg on Sep 17, 2004