Shirley, You Jest...

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Sep 17, 2004

Y' know, Rob, ol' pal... I sometimes wonder if there's *anyone* out there uses a boat as hard as I do. The only time my C16 isn't on the racks is when it's afloat under my fanny, and that's almost every day.

I freely admit it's much more efficient to take a yak out once a year and run a Class XVII rapid to achieve that "broken-in" look, but then, I never wuz as smart as you-uns. At least I'm developing a hell of a good database of emperical experience that will enable me to answer questions regarding extreme exposure... and just plain wearing out a wooden boat.

Y'all are gonna get a kick out of the pictures I'm planning to take of it soon...

Cheers! Kurt

In Response to: Kurt, I told you not to.. by Robert N Pruden on Sep 17, 2004