Re: bulkhead fit

Posted by Terry Mcadams on Sep 17, 2004

This probablem arises on this forum every year or so. The fit of kit bulkheads or the bulkheads traced from plans is kinda hit or miss, due to variations in hull shape. Everyone wires their hull up a little differently, and there are variations in how the plywood behaves. When I build from plans, I make the bulkheads custom to each hull after it's stitched. I lay a level across the hull at the bulkead locations and, using another level and ruler, measure perpendiculars down to the hull. These measurements are then transferred to a cardoboard pattern. The top radius should be on your plans, and it's easy to make a long compass out of a stick with a nail and a pencil to trace them on your pattern. If the pattern fits, I trace it on the plywood and cut it out.


In Response to: Re: bulkhead fit by Mark Camp on Sep 16, 2004