Kurt, I told you not to..

Posted by Robert N Pruden on Sep 17, 2004

...paddle like I do. Here I thought that by publishing my rebuild story youdda learned that anything that bashes up the rub strips is not good...NOT GOOD! And now lookie here, yo gotta repair your 16 already? At least the rub rails can be easily replaced, mor eeasily than, oh say, the cockpit, or most of the keels or...

Hee! Hee! Hey, I'm launching the Raven in two days. No, no, don't worry...I'm doing it on flat water that's only 3-4 feet deep. Hmm, then again, there must be 5 feet of soggy duck poo on the bottom of that lake. Rolling, if it happens, will be necessary or I'll be up to my neck in duck doo. I wonder if it will hold up as well as that new fangled Hair Wax my kids are using. Just a thought, don't worry, I won't try anything "intersting" unless it makes me rick quick.

Robert N Pruden

Mahogany Water Rocket

In Response to: Re: rubrails by Kurt Maurer on Sep 16, 2004