Re: 5 minute epoxie

Posted by Michelle Moran on Sep 17, 2004

I used 5 minute epoxy to bond the bevel joint at the bow of the inwales because I wanted to start work on the stem fillets and wanted the inwales joined before doing so. It looked like the 5 minute epoxy worked well, but 24 hours later the joint, which had (key work here is had) been a perfect bevel joint, separated in such a way that a thin sheet of rigid epoxy remained in the joint screwing up the perfect bevel. I refilled it with regular epoxy which will make the joint structurally sound, but after all the work to get those bevels cut right, was really annoying. The epoxy was System 3 five minute epoxy which stated it was waterproof, but given my experience, I wouldn't use it again. Strike another blow against impatience in boat building...


Joint after using 5 minute epoxy

In Response to: 5 minute epoxie by Peter on Sep 16, 2004