Re: rubrails

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Sep 16, 2004

"As Robert points out, though, they will get rubbed and dinged soon enough."

Uh huh, ol' Robby prolly been lookin' at MY boat...

The ash rub rails on my Cormorant 16 are looking pretty horrid now, as is the rest of the boat. But what the hey? I'll sand 'er down and refinish someday. Ahhhh, yes: someday! Ooop, oh yeah: the rails were epoxied before varnish. The poor things -- they never stood a chance!

BTW, Gang: I'll refinish my C16 this winter, I'm pretty sure. But before I do it I'm gonna take pictures of the way she looks NOW. Oh, Lordy... it looks like CRAP BIGTIME!! LOL

Cheers, Kurt

In Response to: Re: rubrails by Dennis Rioux on Sep 16, 2004