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Posted by Howard on Sep 16, 2004

i recently refinished a boat ...exactly the same colour with primer underneath. it was getting kind of scratched and i wanted to redo it.

definitely can sand it off...i used 80 grit...and it made reasonably quick work of 80% of it. took about 4 - 6 hours to get most of it off...

i painted it again without primer after sanding to with 120 grit to get a smoother surface and dealing with some touchups where i had to add some extra epoxy.

so i never got all the paint off...but another 8 hours and i am sure i could have gotten it to the point i could have selected a bright finish.

the last 20 % would be the hardest becuase it would be the edges and other areas around the bow and stern that its hard to do with a random orbital. so i figure maybe 16 hours of labor before you would be ready to go with the sanding method.

recommend you use a vacume attachment and ensure the garage or work area is nice and clean after so that you can get a dust free finish. the process created a lot of dust.


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