Green Lake WI Wooden Boat

Posted by Dennis Rioux on Sep 16, 2004

The Wooden Boat show in Green Lake WI is being held for the first time in a few years this Saturday, September 18 from 10 AM to 2 PM at the Green Lake Marina. It seems to be geared primarily toward power boats, but I called the organizer and he said he could find a grassy spot nearby for any kayaks that might show up. Anyway, I thought those who happen to be nearby might be interested -- I plan to go with my WR18. They are predicting 20-30 boats to show up -- in its hey-day there were more but its location caused traffic problems. The URL up there will expire in a couple days as the story gets pushed off the stack, so to speak, but it has some additional information if you are interested.


Green Lake WI Wooden Boat Show


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