Re: Deck fiberglassing

Posted by Tom M. on Sep 16, 2004

Hmmmm, what a quandry. Well, I haven't quite rounded over the edge yet, though when I was sanding the deck edge after planing I may have put a very slight chamfer on it...I wasn't 100% square to the hull when I did it, thinking that it would have to be rounded for the glass to make the turn anyway. I can check and see if it would be noticeable.

So let me get this straight; its either overlap, or put on the rubrails first, then put the fiberglass on to cover the deck and rubrail? Is it hard to get the fiberglass to make the corner on the rubrail downward? errr...are the top outside corner of the rubrail rounded over anyway? (I haven't read that far ahead yet!)


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