Re: Many thanks y'all...

Posted by Mac on Sep 16, 2004


In my books, you've been a model contributer to this forum as long as I've been with it. Your honest opinions and real life examples (often hair raising) are invaluable, and I for one, look foward to many more. The wider the experience base - both with builds and types of paddling - only enriches our pool of knowledge. You are the only contributer that I know of who has done a rebuild to the extent that you have (a kayak in two pieces) and then launched it (sort of) from the ice. Talk about a leap of faith.

Now you embark with a K1. How very kool!

Digital is dryed out, so we want stories with pics. Heck, we'll give you some trumped-up journalism certificate - Kanuck far north contributing correspondant and loon.

Happy launch and safe paddling.

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