Many thanks y'all...

Posted by Robert N Pruden on Sep 16, 2004 all those great folks who share their knowledge at both the CLC site. Without your shared knowledge I'd be paddling a very pricey alternative to a wooden boat. Being who I am, that, of course, would mean I wouldn't be paddling anything at all since I would have wrecked my irreparable boat a couple of years ago. I would have had to focus my energies on something like cross-stitch instead (cheaper, safer), which I already know how to do but it just doesn't cut it for the fun I've had with my wooden boats. WIth wooden boats I can break 'em and rebuild 'em. :)

I've come a long way from being a newbie and tonight I want to express my appreciation to you all. Sunday I launch my latest project, Hans Friedel's TK-1 take-off, the Raven. Should be good.

I think I have to thank "Ed" (am I correct?" for allowing me to participate at this site. I've never built a CLC and probably never will since I have access to another great kit kayak company here in Edmonton, Canada, BUT I try to help out by offering up what I know so you CLC builders can get all the pleasure you expect from building a great boat.

Robert N Pruden



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