Re: bulkhead fit

Posted by Mac on Sep 15, 2004


The bulkheads have to touch the bottom of the deck, which flows over the sheers. I would try to follow a line from the outer edge of the planed sheer as it arcs over to the other side in the same radius as the template. Too high and your deck won't be able to smoothly sit along the sheers. Too low and you'll have to try to fill the gaps which will appear between the top of the bulkhead and the bottom of the deck pannel. I wouldn't leave gaps there, as the strength of the deck will be compromised. I'll bet your instructions ask you to fillet and tape those joints after the deck is installed? This would take care of little gaps. After you install your bulkheads, dry fit the deck to see if the bulkheads are too high - and plane as necessary.

Let us know how it goes - and good luck!

In Response to: bulkhead fit by DJ on Sep 15, 2004