Re: No deck nails?

Posted by Dave Houser on Sep 15, 2004

I used 3M Scotch standard weight packing tape to "clamp" the deck panel down. It does not leave the glue behind on the epoxied sides like other brands. It also stretches well and provides a good clamping force (don't use heavy weight tape too little stretch). If you need more force in a spot just and another layer or two of tape.

The deck needs to be trimed within 1/2 inch of the shears before taping. If the deck runs wild past the shear too far, the tape bends the deck edge down and adds camber to the deck and then the deck only contacts the shear clamp at the outside edge. It is a good idea to secure the deck first over the bulkheads and beams using nylon straps trimming the deck right to the shear under the straps. I also put a couple 25 pound bags of lead shot over the straps. This assures the deck contacts the full edge of the bulkhead/beam.

Using a single nail through the deck into the deck beam, to be later covered by the coaming, will help you keep the deck panel centered.

In Response to: No deck nails? by Jon T on Sep 15, 2004