The Next Boat?

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Sep 14, 2004

Mac wrote: "How's the seating holding up under hours of fishing? That's got to be the toughest test of all - stationary sitting. Are you changing anything?"

Mac, I thought I would reply to you in a new thread, since the seat information is worth passing along to the congregation. In a word, it's GREAT. I could see where the custom-carved minicell "bucket" would be comfortable on my tush, but I would have never believed in a million years that little backband would be so nice. But it is, and I'm talking all-day comfort whether I'm paddling or just sittin' and fishin'.

You can bet I tried all sorts of things before finally breaking down and fixin' up a good and proper cockpit with hip and thigh pads, articulating backband and self-carved minicell seat. Shoot, I shoulda STARTED here and saved myself a lot of effort and discomfort! Makes controlling the boat in rough seas a breeze, also.

Mac also wrote: "(Go with the Night Herron - I think it would fit you like a glove and it sure is purty)"

It sure the heck IS purty alright, and paddles really nice too! I got to take John Caldeira's example for a spin last May, and was extremely impressed. But John recommended I take a look at the One Ocean designs since I like to haul butt everywhere I go, and Vaclav sports some racing background as a designer. So I took a peek, and am now quickly developing the hots for a Cape Ann Storm LT as being my next hot rod.

In my Cormorant, between 5 and 5.5 mph is my all-day cruise speed. I'm hoping to up that a little with the Storm LT. The Texas Water Safari is no longer out of the realm of possibility for me... I'm actually starting to think in terms of running it in '05 or '06... What an idiot...

Cheers, Kurt

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