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Posted by LeeG on Sep 13, 2004

3) I have not owned a MC15 but have built and paddled a MC13 in choppy water and high winds.

The problem you'll find with the MC15 is that the sharp/narrow ends that don't have immediate buyancy will catch easily in waves. It's a very efficent hull shape that most folks find tippier than a Chesapeake 18. The "enormous width" you mention is at the sheer and not over a long distance at the waterline. It's like the difference between a Perception Eclipse and a Perception Corona (or what is now called a Eclipse 14.5). The 17' Eclipse is slightly narrower but the Corona is noticable tippier.

Sounds like you want the s&g equivalent of a Rob Roy, but the problem I see is wanting a rec. boat for ocean paddling,,which points more to sit-on tops like Scupper Pro, Tarpon16 or a long Cobra SOT.

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