Mill Creek 15

Posted by adam bolonsky on Sep 13, 2004

I'm thinking of building a Mill Creek 15 for use as a client boat for my seakayakfishing guiding business.

Couple of questions, the first directed at paddlers for whom the 15 was the first kayak they paddled, the second two at paddlers who had kayaking experience before (or afte?r) stepping into the MC 15 for the first time.

1. If you'd never kayaked before, did you find the MC 15 stable or twitchy?

2. If you had extensive prior kayaking experience , did you find the MC 15's enormous width a hindrance to getting sufficient paddle clearance between and on strokes? (Be honest!)

3. If you had extensive prior paddling experience, how slow or cumbersome is the MC 15 on the ocean? I need a fairly stable boat yet nimble that clients can paddle 8-12 miles in a day on the ocean without feeling that the boat is too much work.