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Posted by Dave Houser on Sep 12, 2004

Last week I mentioned I located the back of my seat behind the plan location on my full-sized Ches 17 to eliminate weathercocking. Well, I went home and measured the seat to be sure of its final location, as I not only moved the cockpit back I also installed a sliding seat to further adjust the seat location. The location I have settled on with no cargo is three (3) inches behind plan location that puts my back a station 125 from the sharp point of the bow (the blunting was added back in). I arrived at this location by actual testing in winds and in following seas (Im 62 185 lbs). I want to be clear that I do not warrant that these dimensions will work on any boat you build, as this advice may be worth what you paid for it, nothing. However, it sure has improved handling of my kayak for me as I am in quartering seas at times in almost every trip out (twice a week). If you adding a deployable skeg or rudder you want the kayak to weathercock some when the rudder/skeg is up so be sure to take that into consideration. And to complicate things more a rudder in the up position also acts as a small sail adding to weathercocking. This weight trimming is not as simple as it first appears. My paddling is almost always in the open ocean so I am fussy about trim.

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