Re: Double Kayaks

Posted by Jim Carter on Sep 12, 2004

Thanks J. Schott. I was about to buy the plans for the Ches. Double when it occured to me that I would likely use it by myself for part of the year (when the mosquitos are the size of hummingbirds and the sun and high temperature are leathal). When I looked at the photos I realized that with me in the back the bow might raise out of the water where it would be a problem. I guess this problem is not that much more differant than balancing any boat. Since I am new to all this I sometimes have trouble to finding answers and I am sure they are out there somewhere....... for instance, is there some kind of waterproof cover that would affix to the empty cockpit to keep rain or spray etc. out. Thanks again for the help. I think I am going to tackle the double Chesapeak.

Jim Carter

PS I live in Clear Lake Texas for anyone who cares. Thousands of miles of back waters, salt marsh, and bayou here. Most inaccessible to 98% of boats. Rumor has it that there are many, many fish in these places and I want to get in there and invite them to dinner. I am tired of push poling flat bottomed skiffs, and pirouge in these places. I am certain the kayak will be faster than either.

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