Re: Double Kayaks

Posted by J.Schott on Sep 11, 2004

Yes, it can be paddled alone as long as the weight is balanced. I am often stuck being the motivating force in ours because my wife has to stop paddling to keep out 2 1/2 year old from jumping ship. The only difficult part is turning if it is not equipped with a rudder. I use my paddle as a rudder since I haven't gotten around to building the rudder yet. I've had the plans and parts to build one for about 9 months now. If you paddle it alone, you will have to balance it. There are probably many creative ways to do that with gear or maybe some type of ballast in the bow compartment. It would take some experimenting to get it trimmed out depending on your weight. Hope this helps.

In Response to: Double Kayaks by Jim Carter on Sep 11, 2004