Thingee strips for stems?

Posted by Michelle Moran on Sep 11, 2004

Somewhere in one of the websites I looked at about boats being built, there was information regarding making steamed strips that were formed to shape to cover and protect the stems of the boat, and to make it look prettier. I think it was a kayak, but what the heck, the techniques can't be that different. I'd like to make some for the Sassafras, but of course can't remember the site, or what the thingees were called even to do a search. Does anyone happen to know of a site like that, or alternately know how to make what I'm talking about? The other thought I had was brass strips which I think you can buy online -- they have "half round" or "oval" "keel stem bands" (hey maybe that's what they're called) -- both hollow or solid, but I'm not sure if they'd work or how I'd fasten them. Has anyone used them or know how they work?