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Posted by Howard on Sep 10, 2004

i agree with doug, your going to have a line that is different in colour from the wood unless you beveled the edges...so to his and terry's point, what i believe makes it look nice is the consistency of the width of the edge.

i would not over-round it to try to make the joint narrower..i don't think trading a two milimeter straight line is worth the likly 10 to 20 milimeters of plys that would show...remember, those middle plys simply will not show the same colour as the outer plys...and i don't think it will look neat if you expose those plys over a very shallow bevel (think about how your scarfs looked)

i would also recommend hand sanding the edges with a sanding block...it is very easy to cut into your wood with a power sander on the edge and if you are aiming for an all bright finish....you need to be extra cautious. so its worth the extra time it takes to do by hand...given that it is an edge, if you start with 80 grit...there will be little time penalty.

am sure you will do a beautiful job.


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