Re: Squeegees here, too!

Posted by Homer on Sep 10, 2004

Just to continue the conversation. CLC includes these yellow spreaders with epoxy kits and calls these squeegees. I may be wrong about that. However, if I am correct, then the technique issue I would question is the application of the big blob of epoxy to the surface and then having to spread it around - unevenly and definetly heavy where the blob was.

So to control the application (dipping it into the mixing tray) and spread it thin, I have gone for the 1/8 foam roller and foam brush techniques with success. I worry about the "blob and spread" technique unless you have a better way idea. In both cases, however, I would use the old foam brush tipping technique as a final sweep - for epoxy, for paint and for varnish. In my brief and limited experience.

In Response to: Squeegees here, too! by Robert N Pruden on Sep 10, 2004