Re: change 17lt

Posted by Dave Houser on Sep 10, 2004


I built a standard Ches 17 and made four modifications from plans:

1- installed bulkhead hatches to reduce spray.

2- lengthened the keyhole to accommodate my long legs for a butt-first entry.

3- moved the seat back five inches from plan location to eliminate weathercocking

4- installed a rolling recess to lower the coaming behind my back 3 1/2 inches to make rolling and sculling easier. It also created flat spots for my thighs eliminating the need for thigh pads or knee hooks.

I am 6’-2” 185 pounds. If I had to do it over I would build a Ches 17LT with flush deck hatches, a day hatch, extended keyhole, a rolling recess and the seat located to make it wind neutral.

I paddled a Ches 17 LT and discovered it would lean over farther than my standard Ches before the secondary stability gave out and it tipped over. The added secondary stability made the LT easier to scull and high brace. Otherwise they paddled the same.

Send me your email address and I’ll email you photos of the recess (my website crashed).


In Response to: change 17lt by Scott on Sep 7, 2004