Re: working on the bottom

Posted by Mark Camp on Sep 10, 2004

Another factor (besides the tightness of the joint, etc) that determines how much the joint goo shows, on the outside, is how big the radius is when you round it over. If you round over all the way down to the contact line of the two panels, and if that contact line is continuous, then none of the goo in the joint will show from the outside. Just the laminations of the plywood.

I don't know if you are supposed to round over that far or not. Check with someone who knows. On my boat, I had to guess, because the instructions and plans for my boat are admirably laid-back and non-judgemental on personal choice questions, like dimensions. I decided to round over all the way to the contact line except where there was a gap. If my boat breaks and I survive I will let you know.

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