Ain't Gone Nowhere

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Sep 10, 2004

"Was it something we said?"

That comment reminded me of a conversation I once overheard at the ol' water cooler... Two guys who haven't met in a while are catching up with each other. One says "so did you and Sue ever get married?" Other guys says "oh, no... that ended a year ago. I said something she apparently didn't like, and out the door she went. Never saw her again." "Gosh, what in the world did you SAY??" "Oh, I think it was something like 'get the hell out and don't ever come back."

Hey man, summer's for paddling and fishing, and my epoxy jugs are covered in dust and cobwebs! Man, you oughta see my Cormorant right now... holy cow, it looks like CRAP!! LOL!!! Leslie's still looks plenty natty though, don't worry 'bout THAT. Wimmen~! sighhh...

I still pop in a couple times a week, but I'm heavy into fishing forums these days. And please note that I said I been 'fishing', and not 'catching', before you ask. Hmpf! Anyway, I'm gonna build a full stripper this winter, either a classic Guillemot or a Night Heron. I sure do like that NH. But then, you just never know which way this old minnow is gonna dart next.

Besides, y'all have been doing such a great job of fielding the questions that I'm not even needed here anyway! (sniff, sniff)

Cheers, Kurt

Cormorant 16 Hybrid Project

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