Re: float my boat

Posted by Mac on Sep 10, 2004

Peter, The trick here is to leave no plywood surface or edge exposed to water - which will soak in like ink into a blotter.

Using silicone poses a problem later as you try to remove it prior to final finishing.

My humble offering here is to put on a coat of marine varnish on the foot brace holes at the very least, then bolt on the rails. They can be removed later and epoxied. If you have 48hrs, I'd use epoxy and a heat lamp instead of the varnish.

Water stains the wood dark forever. If you paint the hull, this may not be a biggie, but a bright finish will suffer. Also the wood will swell with water infiltration and won't entirely shrink back when dry.

I want you on the water ASAP, but with no lasting effects.

All the best.

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