Re: stress crack

Posted by LeeG on Sep 9, 2004

I'd just seal/sand it, live with any slight alteration in curve. It's a well used kayak,,if it took this long to develop damage and your use hasn't changed then you're not likely to do the same thing again. Otherwise go whole hog and put another couple lbs on the kayak by sanding through the varnish and glassing the whole deck with 4oz. Getting the same curve back sounds like it might be more work than it's worth if the finish looks rough. Here's what I'd do , sand into the wood about 1/8" beyond the crack, heat the wood with a lamp, then syringe on slightly thickened epoxy. Turn lamp off. Come back after the epoxy has set up and sand the area out 1/4" and put in wood flour thickened epoxy. Sand and varnish. For the effort of a total re-glassing you might consider making another kayak.

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