Posted by Mac on Sep 8, 2004

is a GOOD thing:

The pride of building with your son.

The pride of an early launch of your unique creation.

The pride you felt watching your boy on the water.

The rest (getting wet) is just pure fun (and the "fall" that pride goeth before. Kinda evens things out, and all's right with the universe.

If I can suggest something cool? Get together with your son and come up with a name for the craft. Then have a formal christening when she's all rigged out. Have someone take photos or videos. (You won't believe the opportunities for hilarity when you're trying to be pompous with a kayak - Admiral Johnston launches the first in the fleet).

Then ya tell us all about it!

Have fun!


In Response to: Sorry Mac. by Rob Johnston on Sep 8, 2004


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