Re: Varnish Suggestions

Posted by Steve Miller on Sep 7, 2004

Interlux Schooner 96 thinned with about 2-3 ounces of Penetrol. The Penetrol makes the varnish flow better and take longer to set up so you get fewer brush or roller marks. Gives you time to tip too. Don't work to far ahead before tipping - maybe a few square feet.

If you thin with thinner you get thin varnish not varnish with improved brushing and flow. Use the Penetrol. A quart of it is cheaper than the varnish and will last you for many boats.

Oh, and I do 6 coats. Yep it takes a while but the amber color of the stuff builds and looks wonderful.

In Response to: Re: Varnish Suggestions by Chris Taylor on Sep 7, 2004