change 17lt

Posted by Scott on Sep 7, 2004

m Thank you for your responses. I'm 6' tall and weigh 190lbs. so I don't think the boat is to big for me. I like how it handles and I like the 17' length, and I have the plans in hand. As I've gotten more comfortable in kayaks, I've found I like a tighter fitting cockpit. Production kayaks I've sat in seem to have the thigh braces much closer to my legs and still have plenty of foot room toward the bow. Q: Would lowering the top panel (sheer ?) about an inch be to radical of a change, to bring the cockpit down? Would changing the deck radius near the forward portion of the coaming (to lower it) make for to little footroom ? Maybe I'm a little crazy, I just want to flatten my leg angle out a bit and not have to add so much foam on the underside of the cockpit. Can I recess the cockpit on the lt as you mentioned about other designs? I hope you enjoy responding to these queries as much as I appreciate reading them. Thank You.