Re: Varnish Suggestions

Posted by Terry Mcadams on Sep 7, 2004

I've used several of the one-part varnishes over the years. They all seem to perform pretty well. The biggest factors in successful application were weather, thinning and application technique, rather than the compostion of the varnish (I always brush no the varnish). Some have a darker amber hue. The biggest improvement I've seen in varnish over the last 45 years is the UV inhibitors, which allows boats with occassional UV exposure like keyaks to now go many years without revarnishing. None seem to resist heavy, summer-long UV for more than two seasons without needing recoating. I've been using the Captains the last four years only because I get a 2 for one deal every few years at a local boat store, effectively reducing the cost to about $11/quart. Can't say it's better than the others I've used.


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