Re: Agh! Spreader stick s

Posted by Terry Mcadams on Sep 7, 2004

Yeah, Michelle, I did that one too once, though only with a 1x1 stick. Anyhow, the other advice offered is great. One comment I would make is planing cured epoxy with your block plane is a recipe for much plane iron grinding, resharpening and foul language. Same goes for using a good wood chisel. An ROS sander with course grit paper will do it, but you'll risk sanding off some of the surrounding inwale.

So what would I do, after of course, kicking myself for leaving the stick there in the first place? I'd use either a dremel tool(if you happen to have one)or an electric drill with a small sanding drum (cheap at the home center) and hold the tool very firmly (best done outdoors with a respirator), orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, I'd reach for my favorite tool, the small Stanley Surform plane with the plastic handle and 2" curved blade. This cheap ($5 of so) tool is great for hacking away wood and epoxy mistakes before your friends, spouse or S.O. see them and point and laugh.

A small bump in the building process. I've never built a Sass. They are lovely creations and your's will give you many, many happy and proud hours. Relish launch day - it's wonderous and joyful.

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