Re: LT 17 Plan alteration

Posted by LeeG on Sep 5, 2004

Is the 17Lt too big for you? You might consider a design with more flare to the side panels and narrower bottom panels.

You can configure close fitting thigh/hip braces to any size of kayak but if you're thinking of addressing a deck configuration to make the thigh brace contact better to make rolling control better it sounds like a circuitious route to changing the hull,,without changing the hull.

There are s&g plans out there with coaming recesses that will do exactly what you are desiring.

The Ch hull shape emphasizes stability,,the control one needs for leaning near the capsize angle is also a function of how much the hull will allow you to hold the kayak near that angle. If you're using effort to hold that angle with adequate thigh bracing a lower deck and thinner thigh brace won't change the effort,,the hull in the water is the same.

Sure you could change the deck beam or sheer,,that's the same thing that happened to the Chesapeakes coming from the Cape Charles,,or the Paxs. There are a lot of permutations.

How about making the coaming narrower? Making the sheer panel of an LT model even lower would make one wonder you're in too big of a kayak.

In Response to: LT 17 Plan alteration by Scott on Sep 4, 2004