Re: tape fo varnish?

Posted by Craig Robinson on Sep 4, 2004

I did the hull first and then flipped to do the deck. I have about 2 more deck coats left in the can. I will use all of the varnish (2.5 litres) because I don't want any left over. I have been reading your posts and it sounds like we are at similar stages. I have already fitted and then removed my rigging though. I drilled, filled and drilled the holes. I have been using a hvlp spray unit and due to my inexperience with spraying I am less than happy with the finish and the amount of varnish I have used. I have reverted to foam brushes now and am happy with this m,ethod of application. If you are using foam brushes I dont see the need for taping. As mentioned use your sheer line as a break. Cheers.

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